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Big thanks to everyone who showed up at our BLOWN AWAY -releaseparties this weekend in Tampere at Monsters of Pop-festival and TAVASTIA-klubi in Helsinki...!

Tavastia tonight, showtime at 21:30!

Suomalainen, ruotsalainen ja norjalainen soitti Klubilla. Keksi punchline ja voita aito Sin Cos Tan FB-peukku koko viikonlopuksi.

For those less familiar with the Finnish language: We chose a Spotify playlist, comprised of our favourite film score music, or tunes familiar from films & tv. It's an escapism thing. Kudos to anyone who spots where these tracks featured...

This coming weekend you can catch our BLOWN AWAY -albumrelease minitour at Monsters of Pop-festival in Tampere on Friday ( on ), and on Saturday we'll be at Tavastia in Helsinki.

Our 3rd album, BLOWN AWAY, available also on Spotify worldwide as of today! “It’s a story of epic dimensions and besides that it’s just a brilliantly done pop record that will accompany you in the haze of the remaining summer days.” -Nothing but hope and passion 4,5/5 "‘Blown Away’ shows SIN COS TAN at their height of their powers with an adventurous musical streak that mixes synthetic and organic instrumentation with confidence, all while emotively held together by the voice of Juho Paalosmaa" -Electricity Club (UK) "On tietenkin vaarallista julistaa Blown Awayn olevan vuoden levy, kun kalenterista on lähes puolet vielä edessä, mutta kova on se levy, joka tuon tittelin tältä levyltä vie." 10/10 - SUE Magazine (FIN) "Tämä kaksikko osaa luoda puitteet tanssibileille." **** - Soundi (FIN) "Yleensä teemalevyt ovat parhaimmillaan alusta loppuun kuunneltuina. Tämän albumin biisit toimivat myös kokonaisuudesta irrotettuina." - Keskisuomalainen (FIN) "Blown Away on tarinallinen albumikokonaisuus joka kuhisee korvamatoja." -Rumba ****

Our album release mini-tour continues Saturday this week with a show in Turku.

While we were in Beijing, China, last weekend playing a show, we used our mobile phones to shoot some footage and put this together on the plane today on our way back. Missing all the tasty bits; the food, the afterparty, the gig.

Some forthcoming shows. More to be announced soon. 29.8. Modern Sky Festival, Beijing, China 6.9. Klubi Turku, Finland 12.9. Monsters of Pop -festival, Tampere, Finland 13.9. TAVASTIA-klubi, Helsinki, Finland

Thank you, Flow! #sincostan #flowfestival

lyrics from the heart of darkness? nah, just america. HEART OF AMERICA rise out of nothing laws to be learned land built from sorrow dreams never heard a fortune then discovered taken, not returned everything you borrow none of it deserved from the heart of america is your medicine a miracle? foundation of america a stain on your soul it's not hard to be cynical no time for a miracle this part of america you'll find it alone fought for survival no one to be served long for arrival only to be turned away from your own heartlands away from love you earned in place where the heart is a flag forever burned when the night falls americans dream american dreams

too many parties, too many lyrics? sounds like somebody's getting... BLOWN AWAY where did the party end where did my life get slowly blown away now? where did i lose my friends why do good times get slowly blown away now? it wasn't all just a dream i feel a fire burning in me it wasn't make-believe i hear the sirens waking with me blown away good times away blown away never be the same just wanted to stay out late an endless party slowly blown away now white clouds disintegrate when my good times get slowly blown away now blown away good times away blown away never be the same blown away ten times a day blown away never be the same

learn the lyrics, learn the game. it has a name, and it's called... COCAINE d.e.a. has my number a twenty four hour watch mind games and such paranoia growing out of touch is there somebody there is there somebody there? god i need some cocaine to get by another day god i need my cocaine got to find another way c.i.a. tapping my phonecalls a twenty four hour watch looking back my rearview mirror even a gram's too much staring at these hands of mine i got high on my own supply i refuse to lose the game i'll put a million dollars down the drain

starting to get hooked on giving away these lyrics... ADDICTION if i had to see you tonight i would knock on your door i would put up a fight for it there ain't no way you can hold me tonight i will break every wall i will break every bone for it can only be said that you're a part of me like i'm a part of you and it seems only fair that you belong to me like i belong to you you know my affliction you know my addiction don't you think it's time you let go so i can adjust and build up your trust in me? tonight's the night of catching our dreams i line up the lines you can catch up a dream with it can only be said that you're a part of me like i'm a part of you and it seems only fair that you belong to me like i belong to you you know my affliction you know my addiction

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